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Interior bulkhead template

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My boat (Hull #1032) is suffering from the not-uncommon issue of water saturation in the interior bulkhead (coming through the deck via the shroud base), to the extent that I'm concerned about the chainplate pulling out. I've seen the YouTube videos about cutting out the existing bulkhead and glassing in a new one but hoping someone has a template of the bulkhead or a CAD drawing to avoid having to trace the existing one before removing?



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Just now, Cole said:

I do! I had to make measurements and a template because my bulkhead was gone when I bought my boat. Like, composted. No tracing was possible.

All details here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1W3PibREKyTTh_RwTejN5SQJb57qrArtQ?usp=sharing

You can also trace the existing one after removing. 

During this process I even reached out to the class measurement office and J-boats, and neither had drawings or dimensions. I may be the only person to have any.

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