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  2. I had to drill mine out. I used a set of cobalt bits stepping up each size. It wasn't easy but got then out. Rig rite has the new style keeper plate and axle
  3. boo

    Sails for sale

    New orleans
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  5. jsdeimel

    Sails for sale

    where are you located?
  6. TORQEEDO TRAVEL 1003 FOR SALE! Odor-free, quiet, no maintenance auxiliary power. It's a long shaft, rated at 3 HP., with three 915 Wh lithium ion batteries, a remote throttle, TorqTrac Bluetooth antenna, extra 3-blade prop, and other spares. I purchased the motor new in 2017, and have kept it in the cabin out of the sun and elements when not in use. The batteries have been recharged 6 to 8 times each. For more information see: https://www.torqeedo.com/us/en-us/products/outboards/travel PRICE: $2,650.00 Located in North Carolina Email: robertgharrison@gmail.com
  7. Thistle3920

    #679 For Sale

    Actively dry sailed for the past 3 years, I've know the boat for 20. Good bulkheads, Good set of sails, either a roll off or a float off Triad Trailer. Boat is in Kansas City. I could only upload one photo, but have included a craigslist link so I can update more easily. https://kansascity.craigslist.org/boa/d/leawood-22-sailboat-for-sale/7320116418.html $8,500
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  9. Guest

    Sails for sale

    Race quality $2000 for the set, used 3 days? Very good condition.Quantum 2017 mainQuantum 2017 jibQuantum 2014? Spin blueWednesday night quality $500 for setNorth jibNorth jibNorth mainNorth spin, whiteWeekend race quality $750 for the set2013 north main 2013 north jib2013 north spin, red white red2013 north jib I would prefer to sell as a set but can work out details for individual sails. Shipping extra. Email me at Rheausler@gmail.com for more info.
  10. watercolor

    Quantum dacron hanked-on genoa

    I have a 150% Quantum hanked-on genoa sail for sale. I am asking $450.00 or best acceptable offer. It is crisp and white, in excellent condition, has double-braid sheets, and it includes a sail bag. It does have a couple of small dirt mark from folding on the grass that should wash off, but otherwise it is a great sail. I bought it to use on my J/22 sailboat, but I sold the boat and I do not need it any more.The approximate measurements for this sail are:Luff = 23'10"Leech = 23'6"Foot = 12'9"This sail may be just what you need to enjoy your boat more, improve your PHRF performance, and update your sail inventory.
  11. cdoyle

    J22 Rudder Need

    Got blade. Emailed you.
  12. mikegemperline

    extracting Mast step sheaves pins

    I just did this to replace mast step sheaves. I had two separate pins for port and starboard sheaves...which I think they all will since the sheaves are angled outboard. We had to tap #8 fasteners into the end of the exposed pin. Use lots of lubricants and some heat(didn't care about melting sheaves since they got replaced) and a gentle pull on the #8 fastener in the pin with vice grips to get the pin to slide out. Don't lose the pin and don't lose the cover plates that keep the pin captive. The hole pattern on the mast step will be hard to copy onto a new plate.
  13. PudgyGrunt

    1991 J22 Hull#1063 for sale

    Is this boat sold? If not, I'd very much appreciate hearing from you. We are actively seeking to purchase a J/22. Please call 251-422-9756.
  14. PudgyGrunt

    J/22 Wanted - Southeast to Central US

    J/22 on a trailer within the southeastern or central US. Open to all ages and conditions. Ideally boat will be ready to sail with road-worthy trailer that can transport to Mobile, AL. Please send me what you have to pfoster@geoterraeng.com. Thanks in advance
  15. Guest

    J/22 Angled Mast Step

    I have an angled mast step that looks like new with the SS mast step that mounts to the boat. If you're interested please contact me. Dave Kerr Dave.Kerr@att.net H 440-333-7463
  16. JJBraddon

    Hull number

    Looks like you have Hull #4.
  17. DaveWalsh

    J22 for Sale

    Is this boat still available? Call or text Dave, 585-269-4068.
  18. Tperk22330

    North Sails Spinnaker

    Very crisp spinnaker available. Video of the sail below. Looking for $900. I can be reached at Trevor.d.perkins@gmail.com. Located in Annapolis but can ship.
  19. MikeFYC

    J22 for Sale

    Is this boat still for sale? I am very interested. Thanks Mike Sailing@fycct.org
  20. CharlotteKinkade

    1991 J22 Hull#1063 for sale

    I'm very interested in your J22 listing- Is she still available for sale? My direct line is: (207) 807-3545 email: charlotte@ecys.com
  21. PudgyGrunt

    1991 J22 Hull#1063 for sale

    We are looking for a good condition J/22 and your boat appears to check the boxes. Do you have additional photos that you could email to me? Email to: pfoster@geoterraeng.com Thanks in advance
  22. More on single-handling on Chesapeake...11.) Use the tides to your advantage (i.e. return home on a favorable tide). Of course, one of the biggest advantages of a J22 is that it has a strong class and resale value...not necessarily true for some other similar size sailboats. Regards.
  23. I recently bought a J/22 for this purpose - fun daysailer. So I was heartened to see this (old) thread. It already has the Schaefer roller furling installed. The tiller clutch looks like a nice solution - I put it on my list of things to consider once I get the boat. Also contemplating an electric motor vs. gas, but haven't reached any grand conclusions. I do feel like I'm buying a race boat just to do a little casual sailing with, but man, everywhere I looked people rave about what a good-sailing and performing boat the J/22 is. Where I am has pretty light winds most of the time, so that was a consideration, too - need something light weight with decent sail area. Really looking forward to sailing it! Scott
  24. I think that you are talking about the "roll pins". The same instructions provided by J/22 geek. Make sure you save the pins. It might be difficult to find replacements.
  25. Used to single-handle my J22 on North Chesapeake for several years. Consider the following: 1.) Sail-off a mooring, if possible (no docks to hit) 2.) Buy a reliable Torqueedo CL1103 motor 3.) Position your body forward of the traveller bar to reach sail controls 4.) Sail main-only if too much breeze 5.) Douse jib in a breeze by pulling down on the clue, keeping your body mostly off the foredeck 6.) Use a bungee cord to secure jib on deck to bow cleat (crawl on your hands and knees). 7.) Learn to heave-to if wind spikes. 8.) Anchor, and wait-out a blow (bring food and drink for the duration) 9.) File a cruise plan with your marina and significant other in case you're delayed and don't return to marina in a timely fashion. 10.) Wear a PFD, always 11.) Wear a harness connected to strong points on deck.
  26. Loosen rig tension on forestay, shrouds, and backstay slightly to ease mast compression on the mast step. With hammer, I gently tap pins with slightly smaller diameter, 6" length, iron pin and/or phillips screwdriver.
  27. J22geek

    Outboard recommendations?

    I've owned a Honda 2HP and the carb easily clogs and has left me numerous times without power. Bought a Torqueedo CL1103 last year and it has performed well. Reliable forward and reverse. Occasional error code when cable connections are not correct, just need to reconnect and try again. Occasionally spray connectors (3) with electronic contact spray. Be careful when tilting engine while sailing, not to cause cable disconnects. Very satisfied with reliability.
  28. Ron

    1991 J22 Hull#1063 for sale

    How much are you asking for your j22. I live in Little Rock. r.carbon66@gmail.com
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