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Original tiller availability or dimensions


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I have an older J22 with the straight tiller.  Sadly it has suffered a catastrophic failure.

Is a replacement available (not the new, curved one).

Or does anyone have the dimensions?  I can have one made.

I remember that the tiller was rather slender and tapered and straight.



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On 2/3/2023 at 3:27 PM, j22forum2 said:

Hello Askold - 

I swapped mine out for a curved one years ago.  I may have the old one in storage.  Let me look for it, and if you pay the shipping, you can have it for free.  Pics to follow tomorrow.  


Yes, I'd love to have it.  It looks fine.  Some sand paper and varnish is all it needs.

How can I pay for the shipping?


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