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Lifting Bar Installation Question


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Earlier this year I bought a J/22 and it came with both a single point ring for the aft keel boat, and a lifting bar to span the aft 2 keel bolts. However, the aft bolt is considerably longer to accommodate the single point ring. In order to use the lifting bar I would need to remove the nuts from the keel bolts, place the bar on the bolts, and then the nuts on top. 

Is that the intended design? Or do I really need a new, longer keel bolt?

Note the boat uses the older bar (pre #1263)


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  I have an older (1986) J22, it has the two bolt lifting bar.  Yes remove the nuts and place the bar on the keel bolts. Just make sure you torque the nuts evenly and to manufacture specs.  Bolt Diameter    Torque Ft/Lb.

                                      1/2                    19

                                      5/8                    48

                                      3/4                    95

                                      7/8                    140

                                      1                        165

                                      1 1/8                  309

And go back 24 hours later to check torque, that is a standard machine shop practice. Note those are bolt size NOT nut size.

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Thanks for the response. 


Oddly the holes in the bar are like 1/32 of an inch too small so we’ll need to fins someone with an industrial drill press to enlarge the hole if we want to use this one, But I’d feel better using the bar over the single point lift.

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