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Upgrading older j22 for racing


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I'm looking at buying a J22 built in 1985 and bring it up to date for racing.  What's changed over the years which I'll need to tackle to ensure its competitive.  The hull and deck are sound, but need fairing, and the running rigging needs updating.  But I'm wondering about j22 items I've read like keel position, and mast step angle.   Are these changes which competitive boats have?  Are there other items I need to consider?

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Quantum sails tuning guide has a good list of changes to the standard boat. 

for my boat (#26) I have:

  • Redone most of the sea hood to have a reasonable halyard cleating setup
  • Moved the traveler cleats forward so the skip can sit on the beam and hike more
  • All new standing rigging, including longer forestay and shorter backstay
  • bought all the required equipment
  • got a new anchor line to make the required length (old lines can shrink!)
  • got an angled mast plate
  • got a longer tiller extension 
  • ...
  • Its a lot.
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