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j22 headstay length

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I'm in the same situation as the guy who wrote from Puerto Rico. Everyone says my rig looks too 'rakey' including my sailmaker, but my only source of information is the North tuning guide. Boat is Hull #518 w/North main. I have scoured the class rules and turned up nothing. The St. Francis YC in San Francisco has a number of them, and none of them are as 'rakey' as mine, but nobody there is helpful.

Thanks, David Demarest/ San Anselmo / CA

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Use your sailmaker's guide. Remember, it is only a guide. You might need to tweek it some (more rake or less rake) depending on several factors (but mainly your keel position fore and aft = center of lateral resistance). You shouldn't need to vary from the guide more than 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch. Top of your mast will be over the companionway opening. I don't change my mast rake even when it is blowing dogs off chains.


Sail in 10 knts of breeze, if you have lee helm....move rake aft; weather helm....move rake forward. Move in 1/4 inch increments at the most. It may take several times of this to really dial in your boat (mainly because you'll be getting better at sailing it).


Read up on heavy weather sailing. In big breeze, you can use lots of boom vang to shove the boom towards the mast so the lower portion of the mast bends; thus flattening the mainsail down low (backstay will bend mast up top). Try not to put more than about an inch of bend in the boom. Please release some vang before turning off the wind or the you may permanently bend the boom, I know (don't ask).



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