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J22 sailing in Houston

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Hey All

I'm currently in Toronto, and am moving to Houston. Who's the person to speak with regarding the local fleet?


CAN815... soon to be US815


Edit to add: I see from the fleets section that a lot of boats seem to be in Seabrook. Where are the boats kept, and is the local fleet active? Is there any midweek sailing or is it all weekend stuff?

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Most J-22's in Houston are kept at either Houston Yacht Club in Shoreacres, Lakewood Yacht Club in Seabrook or Seabrook Marina. All three have excellent dry storage facilities with trailer parking and self-service launching cranes. Nobody wet sails here.

There are frequent weekend events most of the year, Wednesday night racing April through September and as well as a traveling circuit. When are you moving?


USA 918 - TILT

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