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In case anyone cares


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One of the questions posed to me at the Worlds (or posed about me to others at the Worlds) was: So how long before Chris moves on to another class?


Since I had this directed to or about me from at least three different sources, I figured I would post something in case others cared.


I have no plans to go to another class anytime soon. I like my boat, the people I sail with, most of the people I sail against, and I think the Class is pretty well run.


I like that young people can get into the class by buying a good used boat with decent sails for $15,000. I think that guys like Brad Julien and RJ Moon are just what the class needs to make it go strong for another twenty years. I like that I can sail competitively against pros, women, teenagers and old guys (no names) and that each of us is not preordained to win or lose or finish mid-fleet. I think it is great that people of all sizes and shapes and strengths can sail a J/22.


I think it is neat that, generally, the people I race against want everyone on the course to get better at sailing, for everyone to make their boat go faster and for everyone to imporve their boat handling.


I like that I can come into the weather mark on port tack without my competitors yelling at me (unless I deserve it). I like that I can put my boat within a foot of another boat without the other team panicking and doing something that will slow both of us down. I like that I can rely on most of the folks I race against to do the smart thing on the course.


I really like that we can talk to each other while we're racing. Not only "tack or cross" but "do you mind if we play through" or "let's head down and extend here" on the runs.


I like that we hang out at the tent after the race, drink, exchange tips and stories.


I really hate lifelines, and am glad that J/22s don't have them.


My dad bought his last boat in 1977. He owned and raced it until 2012 which when he physically couldn't sail any more. I'm not saying that I will be sailing the Jug 4 1 for the next thirty years. But you sholdn't be surprised if I'm still doing it in ten years. I have been around, and I have not found a boat or a class that suits me better.

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Vic and Chris, OK City was our third NA or worlds and we think it set the stand for others to achieve on all fronts, but I agree with Vic, the hanging out... I remember that picture and how we were all hiding from the sun. I think it ended with a bunch of us drinking in the bed of pickup before Jennifer made me go to bed. Back then we had Luke and Cameron to make us all feel normal, but the kid pool in OK city was and always will be a J/22 classic.

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