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Spreader Repair

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  • 4 weeks later...

We ended up not using a spreader repair kit. Spreader bar itself was worn and replacing it with a new one fixed spreader slop nicely. We did have little difficulty in that we had to order three spreader bars before we got one that fit our spreaders. It looks like there is a significant variability in the pin holes’ positions (and pin hole orientation … we found at least one hole that was significantly crooked).

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...… we found at least one hole that was significantly crooked).

So much for parts standardization. Sometimes they don't line up at all no matter how many you order.


I've found that at times it's been necessary to compress the mast with a big padded c-clamp to get the spreaders on. In my opinion needing a bit of compression is not a bad thing because it holds things tight. The old Spanish windlass trick with some hardwood and rope also works. Just don't crush in any more than needed. vic

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I just finished the spreader repair using the APS parts. It is not easy!! But if done in a workman-like manner it's great.

After I got tired of filing the bracket slots, I called my master machinist friend who has a mill, and he made the brackets fit the thru-bar in about 5 minutes. It can be done with a file !$@*#%

Also, I had to drill out the bracket tab-holes for a clearence fit to the supplied pop-rivets. They are a bear to pop!


This is a kind of point of no return. Beware the halyards inside mast when drilling the holes.

Next the bracket is too round for the shape of the mast...so you flatten it to the contour of the mast. Then, you have to get the tabs flush with the sides of the mast so the pop rivets pull nice and square. If the tabs are not flat with the sides of the mast, the rivets may pull through the mast $$$$$$$$$ Go corner to corner drilling holes and poping rivets, one hole, one rivet in an X pattern using the bracket as a drilling guide.

(From the center-line of the mast, make some reference marks down both sides and parallel with the length of the mast to locate the bracket fore and aft position the same on both sides of the mast. To make the spreaders level, a carpenter's square will assist in setting the spreader angle the same on each side.)

Next the thickness of the brackets won't let the holes in the thru-bar line up with the holes in the spreader so....you have to do some art work with a sanding drum in a drill press or die grinder, matching the original/new contours only shorter. Measure twice, mark and grind carefully.

The spreaders are tapered hardened aluminum extrusions $$$$$$$$$

We spent a long afternoon doing this little job. In hind-site, it probaby would have been much easier to take the rig off the boat and lay it on saw horses, saving a lot of step-ladder time.

It came out very nicely and I recommend the fix, but is not instant!!!!! (My thru-bar was stamped P & S and had a single digit number also stamped in it.) Good Luck

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