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Cetol maintenance questions

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Posted this on Fix It Anarchy, but didn't get much help.


I have a 1984 J22. Two years ago I went with Cetol Natural Teak and I've been really pleased. I did two or three coats of the sealer and two coats of gloss.


One year ago, I lightly sanded and applied one coat of gloss. It still looks good, but there are a few spots where there has been a little ding (despite my screaming at crew and guests).


How should I address these spots? Should I sand the immediate area (about 1" X 1") to bare wood, apply 2 or 3 coats of stain/sealer and then feather in the 2 gloss coats?


After this, should I do the regular annual re-coat of gloss?


Longer term, do the annual gloss re-coats ever build up to the point where you have to strip the Cetol and start over again?



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