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I can tell you from experience that the more regattas one does, the better one will do. Last year Team Jug 4 1 went to more regattas than ever. And the result was a significant improvement in how we play the game.


So, in an effort to take a serious run at the Worlds this year, here are the regattas Team Jug 4 1 is thinking about doing:



Charleston Race Week

Annapolis NOOD (this is a "maybe" since to three-day regattas in two weeks is not well received by my work-mates)

Canandaigua YC Jackrabbit

Hudson YC Regatta (this is a "maybe", too)

Cleveland Race Week

Newport Regatta

Raw Bar Regatta (Buffalo YC)

Beerbarge (Youngstown YC)

Lake George



Who's with me?

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Let's see...


Midwinters - Nope

Charleston Race Week - Nope (Congratulations by the way.)

Annapolis NOOD - Yep.

Canandaigua YC Jackrabbit - Yep

Hudson YC Regatta - 99.9%

Cleveland Race Week - Yep

Newport Regatta - Probably not.

Raw Bar Regatta (Buffalo YC) - Yep

Beerbarge (Youngstown YC) - Yep

Lake George - Possible

Worlds - Yep



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