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Clarification of legal fitting replacement

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I'm new to this class having just purchsed a J 22 and I need clarification on a couple of issues.


The angled mast step, can I laser cut and produce the fitting for my boat, or am I required to purchase through a Builder/dealer?


The same question applies in regard to the Stainless Steel Hand rails and the replacement of the teak rails with plastic ones? Can we manufacture the replacement parts ourselves?

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The mast plate is easy. It has to come from a licensed builder. There has been a bit of controversy centered on that area of the boat over the years. </ understatement


The SS rails are a bit more of a grey area, are they "basic deck hardware"???...


The toerails are a custom extrusion. Tough to source and tougher to manufacture..


The good news is all that stuff is in stock at Waterline. www.waterlinesystems.com


or Call Mike @ 401-682-1661


If you have boat questions, I can probably answer most of 'em... e-mail me:




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