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Rig Tuning...Any backstay on?

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Does anyone have any idea of what the total load would be, on the uppers, while driving upwind, say in 15+? I am trying to determine the required strength of the turnbuckles - and thought I would just throw it out there.... Surely it can't exceed 40,000 psi....right?


Since apparently you can't post new threads - I thought this thread might be the best shot...





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I have no idea, but I have a couple of comments:


1. The loads won't be static, and I can imagine that the upper shroud on the windward gets shock loaded every time the idiot driver (that would be me on my boat) runs into the wave in front of him.


2. Make sure you check the class rules if you are buying replacements.


3. I would think that Hall Spars would be the best place to try to get the information you seek. They have supplied the masts and standing rigging for most of the J/22 built in the US.

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