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Who built my J22

Guest Helle

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I recently bought a (beautiful) J22 in Holland. According to the sign on the stern, she was built in 1995. Registrationnumber 1229. Can anybody tell me where she was built or whom I could ask. At that time a yard in Southafrica built the J22 as well as JBoats in Newport. But I am not sure about that. I already tried to get in contact with JBoats in Newport but didn`t receive an answer to my request.

Thanks from Hamburg/Germany



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On 11/1/2023 at 2:35 AM, cdoyle said:

Does the hull number start with “TPI”?  If so, it was built by Tillotson Pearson in Rhode Island. Most of the 1200-series boats were built at Tillotson Pearson. 

Thanks for you reply. This is the 'stamp' on the stern....no TPI. So it might have been built in South Africa? 


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