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J22 Sparloft masts - Anybody interested?

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I've been trying to get the attention of Sparcraft to order a new mast and I've heard back at times and then they forget about me. I imagine that they have bigger fish to fry. However, Sparloft was super responsive. I have done a number of  imported rig orders before and I'm tempted to spearhead another so that I can get a mast and boom for my J22 #1483 over the Fall/Winter so that I have it for next Spring and the J22 Worlds.

Anybody else need a mast and/or a boom for their J22? 

I'll likely plan to receive the order in LA and figure out logistics from there. I got a great quote for $700 to move a mast from NC to UT so maybe we can find the same in reverse or use the buddy system for any east coast buyers.

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1 hour ago, jlevac said:

could be interested.  Alfie was looking at doing this as well in Lake George.

We might be able to pool efforts if there is not enough buyers in one area. The crate holds 3-4 masts so I've been focused on four to split the costs better. Sparloft is running the numbers for me now based on landing at Long Beach. For me, that includes the mast base casting but that can be left off of other masts if you want to reuse an older one they said.

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I heard from Sparloft with a quote. The cost in USD basis Long Beach but not through customs is $4k for a single mast so with another mast or two or three in the order, we start saving plenty. I can bring them to Utah on an empty trailer, still in the crate, and then remove my mast and boom for the travel across the country or we can remove all rigs and tie east coast rigs to other trailers making the move. 


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