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Triad Trailer Wheel Bearing Size

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Trying to find out the wheel bearing size on a 1985 Triad Trailer?  Looking to purchase a J22 in another location and wanted to pick up a spare bearing set incase I need to repack or replace bearings before transporting.  I was told by a marine trailer shop that they thought it was 1-3/8"x1-1/16", but couldn't be 100% sure without measurements?  Can anyone confirm this?




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I talked with Mike from Triad (919-782-6007) about the hub and bearing sizes.  I haven't confirmed this for myself but will keep the group posted once I do.

  • 5 stud x 4.5" bolt circle diameter
  • 1-3/8" tapered to 1-1/16"  tapered shaft
  • 3500 lb axle capacity
  • 6-1/2" wheel flange diameter
  • 15"  maximum wheel size
  • 1.98" hub inner diameter

Also reached out to CE Smith about Hub Replacement kit part numbers.

  • 13511 painted 1750lb or
  • 13515 galvanized 1750lb
  • recommended grease is calcium sulfonate such as Lucas Marine Grease.


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