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J/22 new to me... pulpit/lifelines?

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Appreciate some thoughts on the matter...


I just purchased a J/22... presently no pulpit, stern rail, or lifelines (or roller fuller either), which I kind of like.

I intend to sail solo on occasion and teach my 3 teenage sons to sail.


Thinking bow pulpit but waffling on the lifelines and/or a stern rail.





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I am not a fan of life lines on the J 22. I don’t see the point of them on a boat so small. If you said your kids were under ten, that would be different. 

Save your money and buy your kids (and yourself) really comfortable life jackets and where them all of the time. 

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Hi John,

We use them at the sailing school where I teach. They have their place.  buying a full set from Waterline is expensive. I'd keep an eye out on this forum if you're dead set on them.  If you're very worried about losing your sons overboard, maybe have them wear inflatables and tethers to a jackline like large offshore boats.  If they are teenagers, they should be ok though.

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