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Running a J22 at Figawi

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Question for the forum: I'm a recreational lake sailor in Sunapee, NH. A buddy and I have this ambition to sail the Figawi race from Hyannis to Nantucket this memorial day. It's about 22 miles in the North Atlantic. I'm a pretty capable, if conservative, lake sailor and wondering if anyone on here has done this event in a J22. It says its a race for boats of all shapes and sizes, though most of the boats I see in the race seem to be 27 feet or larger. I don't think we actually have any illusions of competing, we'd just like to finish and not embarrass ourselves.  Would love thoughts or suggestions from the forum. 


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  grhill5, go for it. Before the drug cartels cause the Galveston to Vera Cruz race to shutdown, there was several 22 ft. boat that entered at versus times. This was a 605 mile race across the Gulf, which is a washing machine on most days. I enter many distance races, and share driving and trimming with my crew. So do this race and have fun.    

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JBrown, yeah I missed that and was forced to sit this one out. More that life got in the way with work and kids, and given our situation on the lake, I need a crane to put the boat in and out of the water. Wa going to be a complicate process, but I'll look for the next opportunity to do it. 

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