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Petit Vivid bottom paint removal. Suggestions?

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I am considering purchase of a 700 series boat that was moored/docked for 2-3 seasons and had Petit Vivid ablative antifouling applied.  The boat has been out of the water on the trailer for the last 3 years.  The hull and keel seem fair with no signs of cracks in the hull or at the keel joint.  I’m interested in a boat for both day sailing and racing on the Chesapeake Bay…maybe some travel to races on the easy coast.  

I would ideally like to have the paint stripped and refinish/polish suitable for dry sailing from the hoist.

Questions…Is this as big a deal as I think or should I just fair with sandpaper?  (My background is dinghy sailing…so the bottom is always clean). Recommendations for how to strip the antifouling?  Estimates for cost to strip and refinish?  (I’m having a tough time getting quotes from any of the yards/marinas). Any recommendation for a yard in the mid-Atlantic area?  

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I had my bottom done at Muller Marine in Eastport in '06 but Bobby has retired...  If you want to do it yourself and it isn't too pockmarked I'd start at 80 and go to 150 before painting the bottom.  Just get it fair and paint it with Interlux VC White.  I used a Festool 6" sander with the vacumn attachment and it came out great. 

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