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Outboard recommendations?

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  I have an old 3.5 Nissan that does a great job the few time a year I need it (I take it home once a year and change the water pump and check gas lines). You may look into the electric outboards. I crewed on a 22 with one, good speed and power. It's total weighed was about that of my Nissan, with the battery being most of the weigh. Only draw back I could see is the run time depending on how fast you want to go.   

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I've owned a Honda 2HP and the carb easily clogs and has left me numerous times without power.  Bought a Torqueedo CL1103 last year and it has performed well.  Reliable forward and reverse. Occasional error code when cable connections are not correct, just need to reconnect and try again.  Occasionally spray connectors (3) with electronic contact spray.  Be careful when tilting engine while sailing, not to cause cable disconnects.  Very satisfied with reliability. 

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I have that same Torqeedo - the CL1103 CS.  I just bought it this summer.

I've only used it 3 or 4 times this season.  It is really pretty cool.  I only use it to go about a half mile or mile from the marina to the middle of the lake, and then back.  It uses about 4% of the battery life to do that.  I'm only pushing the boat probably around 3 knots, or maybe a little more.  A lot of the trip is through the marina, so I'm not giving it a lot of throttle in general.  I have heard if you give it a lot of throttle, it will suck the battery down pretty quickly.  

It does have a display that tells you how much battery is left.  

I didn't get the long shaft - the regular shaft works fine on my boat.  The place I bought it from knew my boat, and said "you don't need the long shaft, by the way."

So far so good.  It is funny, other boaters in the marina notice it - when I'm heading out, I get lots of "is that electric?"  It is totally, 100% silent, which is a nice side benefit.  


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