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keel bolt question

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Hi, new to the class but not new to J boats.  I've had my fair share of 24... We just took possession of a boat that has the single lifting point bolt ring attached to the most aft keel bolt.  I want to change the lifting system to the 2 bolt bar system.  I'm afraid to shear off the ring nut from the bolt.  Any suggestions?  liquid wrench? Any help would be appreciated!



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  Liquid Wrench, LPS-1 or WD-40 will all help lubricate to get the nut off. Apply several times a day for 2 or 3 days to allow it to work its way in.  Before you start putting either on the bolt, put some oil absorbent around the base as best you can. Both L.W. and WD-40 have a low pH and can cause problems later on if not contained and fully cleaned off after the nut is loose. When you install the 2 bolt lifting system, put a drop or two of white lithium grease on the bolt before you install the nut, this will prevent gulling and/or freezing later if you need to remove it.  Also try to match the nut to the bolt with the same type material, ( 304ss to 304ss or low carbon steel to LC steel, or galvanize to galvanize).   

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