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Keel position

Guest Rob

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Hey there, thinking of jumping back into the J22 after a long absence, and I'm looking at buying what looks like a pretty good used boat. 700 series. The current owner says the keel has been faired. Heading over to look at the boat next week, and I was wondering if there were any fairly easy ways to determine whether or not the keel has been faired, and whether or not it's in the correct position, which I'm assuming is max forward. I've looked at the class specification for measuring keel position and minimum thickness, but the document references a jig, which I'm not going to have unfortunately. Would love to know if there are some fairly simple ways to find out if the keel is where it should be.

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Id like to know more about the location of my keel on boat number 1026.  I’d like to know where it is and where it should be so I can understand how far out of optimal location it is.  I just bought the boat out of Youngstown as you know.  Any advise would be appreciated.   Maybe I need to get ahold of some jigs.  The boat is in Canandaigua.  Thanks. 

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If you still have my number, call me.  I did the keel, so I know it is in the right place in the fore/aft dimension (i.e. it should be within 2-3 MMs of the full-forward position). The keel would benefit from re-shaping.  And if you are going to re-shape the keel, there are other aspects that could use some attention.

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