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windward sheeting

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15 hours ago, acairoi said:

I Have a 2001  and want to put windward sheeting on it ...... can I just get the unit itself without tracks and just put on my existing traveller

What is the Harken part number




I have done this transition on my 1988 J22 this past year.  Not sure what the 2001 J Boats had as standard equipment.  I had to change the traveler bar and used the Harken SB CB HL Windward Sheeting Car  SKU : H2745 from APS(Annapolis Performance Sailing).  I needed to use  Harken 2721 High Beam Small Boat Traveler Track and still needed a spacer below this to elevate the traveler high enough to avoid the traveler hitting the top to the seats where the traveler bar was attached.  Have really enjoyed the benefits of this upgrade as has made tacking and main adjustments much easier.  Talking to the people at APS was helpful and they can help you with the special bolts and fittings you need to make all this work.

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