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Fore and aft air tanks

Guest Beluga

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Guest Beluga

Ahoy All,

I am new to sailing the J22.  Our yacht club has six older examples and the one I have signed on for a seasonal charter needs its Air tanks repaired?  I have been unable to find any photos or drawings of the tanks.  Are they just basically plywood chambers sealed to provide positive buoyancy in case of a knock down?  Do some boats actually have real fitted air bags set to a certain pressure?  Any feedback would be great.

can’t wait for the season to begin

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  I am not sure what you are calling Air Tanks. There is a void under the floor of the cockpit, with access ports in the lazaret and the front inside the cabin. Also a small void in the bow with and access port. Nether of these should be considered air tight. I guess if you want to put some sort of air bladders inside your boat, that is up to you to carry the extra weight.  

  I have been knocked down once or twice in 30+ winds and just letting the sails run, the boat righted.  

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