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Boat Covers

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J22 Fleet ... I am looking to cover a J22 to protect it from UV and rain permeation sitting at a yacht club during Spring, Summer, Fall (Boat goes inside in the winter). Noticing there are a few different styles of covers.


Tent Cover / Cockpit - Just covers some of the boat. Great for regattas, quick put away and some UV damage protection. (This is probably the easiest, but it does not cover the whole boat protecting from UV damage and rain creep into every little crevice.


Mooring Cover - This covers the whole boat but only 5% of the sides. (No Skirt) (This seems a bit easier, but still (how long does it take to put on after each night, day of sailing)


Mooring Cover with Skirt - This basically covers the whole boat. (Is this worth the investment, how long does it take to put on after each night, day of sailing)



Goal is to protect the entire boat from UV and water that creeps into the boat over time. I am finding to outfits that make mooring covers. Sailor Tailor http://www.sailorstailor.com/ and Kinder Industries.


Sailors' Tailor They are using the Poly Army Duck Fabric Link


Kinder Industries looks like they are using the Top Gun Link


The pricing from these outfits seems to be pretty different. Is there a quality difference here?


The J22 the cover will be installed on is in excellent condition and I am trying to make sure we are protecting the equipment for my use and others in the future. Would love some feedback from those who use covers. Brand, How long they take to put on and off after a Wednesday night of sailing after the boat is on the trailer. Etc. Thank you.


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