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Positioning the 6 Support Pads on the Trailer for the 1st Time

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I have to adjust the 6 Support Pads on my trailer as if it is the initial setup. My main concerns are proper weight distribution between the keel and the pads; and having the boat level on the trailer when the trailer is level.


I have available to me a dockside hoist. But the old surface around the hoist is not flat, even, or level. The hoist arm is very low, such that I must attach the hoist's chain directly to the lifting bridle fitting at top of the keel. This makes it hard to keep the boat level when it is hanging from the hoist.


Is there a procedure I can use to setup the pad positions on the trailer under these circumstances? Thanks.



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Do your six support pads adjust using a threaded rod with a nut? If so, you can adjust the supports with the weight of the boat on them. You'll need to lubricate the threads first. Alternatively, if the boat is level on the hoist, perhaps you can pull the trailer under the boat, level the trailer with a jack (level confirmed with a carpenter's level), block the trailer with lumber so the trailer will not move if the jack slips, lower the boat so the keel is 1/4" above the keel tray and then adjust the six pads up to the hull of the boat, drop the boat all the way down onto the trailer, detach the crane, lower the jack and pull out from under the crane. That should get you pretty close to where you want to be. I think you'd want 13% of the weight of the boat on each pad (for a total of 78%) and the remaining 22% on the keel. Put those are just ballpark, and there's really no way to measure the weights anyway.

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