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So, after 13 months of waiting to get back out sailing, I have discovered the main bulkhead is essentially gone. The plan is replace it and seal the edges of the bulkhead with epoxy as well as both sides prior to installation. Has anyone else who has done this sealed the edged and surfaces with epoxy? Obviously any help keeping water out should be better, just curious if it worked very well. Ill be checking core around the chainplates while I've got it torn apart. Not looking forward to this. Any advice would be appreciated.



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I have done this maybe 6 times

I use quality marine ply (Ocoume) $$

i cut out the old and add tabs to cut out the new one accurately  (cut out the old stuff with a Fein saw) (the post may need a hammer and chisel) (that area has a bit of thickened polyester that will be busted out)

fix the deck that is likely rotten around the chainplates. from the bottom if the deck is not broken

the gaps around the new  bulkhead can be filled with thickened epoxy prior to taping in place

filet around except for chainplate area

tape in place both sides with 1708 dbl bias cloth 2 layers 7" and 5"  (don't tape where the chainplate goes)

make sure your chainplates will be in the correct place. measure from front  as they are often crooked/ should be equal from stem on both sides

look at the aft bulkhead too, replacing the seats as well makes the inside that is never used look nice (the seats are a bit structural)

I use interlux 2000 in white to finish

3 days (one full two half) or so

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