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A couple years ago GBSA tried something new by raffling off a J/70 to raise money. While it was something untested at the time, the raffle turned out to be a huge success and we we were able to sell out. (John Faus of Rocky Neck NJ was the winner and went home with a brand new J/70). As a result, we were able to buy a fleet of 6 J/22's for the program, which have had an incredible effect. Our adult program has grown and we've launched a youth keelboating program which provides a really great option beyond Optis and 420's. In addition we started a J/22 one design fleet at EGYC (where we haven't had one design racing since the mid 1990's with JY15's), and J/22 Team racing!
So - now we're doing it again. The program has grown to serve about 200 kids each summer. As you can imagine - keeping track of 200 kids on the water requires a lot of coaches and coach boats. Our coach boat fleet is really old and our outboards are constantly breaking down. To give you a feel for what I'm talking about - one of the boats (we call it the pointer - we have no idea where it came from) was there when I was a teenager - and I'm 48! The goals for this fundraiser are to be able to replace worn out engines and purchase a RIB for our coaches.
This time, working with Waterline and New England Ropes - we are raffling off a brand new J/22 with trailer and complete set of running rigging.
Tickets are available at www.WinAJ22.com Like last time, we're limiting the number of tickets to 650 and we intend to pull a winner at our Charity auction event on April 9th at East Greenwich Yacht Club.
If anyone has any questions, feel free to email me at admin@gbsa.info
Dave Wehr
Shake & Bake
USA 86


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