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  1. #25 I believe was named Ethune, once a long time ago. Good luck
  2. Hi There, Don't quote me please. There has been some controversy about this repair in the past and whether such a repair will invalidate your measurement certificate. You may laugh but but once you repair this the boat, it may/should be stronger than stock and so it may be hard to get a new certificate. I suspect this matters little to you for your needs but it may change the resale value of the boat if it has been altered from stock and no longer a class legal J22. The J22 rules are strict on modifications from "as supplied by the builder". Unfortunately a little grey area exists under the guise of "repairs". I'd prefer the boat to remain a J22. I have always wanted to go to a North American Championship on the west coast (like San Francisco!) From your picture it looks like repairs are in order. From the dark line around the cracks I would be concerned with moisture in the core. The exact layup schedule for construction is proprietary information from J boats to the builder, They don't give out this info. I can not help you there. If you have a friend at Waterline or J boats they might be able to help you, but I doubt it. I have sailed many NOOD regattas at your club and once on the 22's you have in a match race event (love your seahood layouts). One or two of your boats even came from Minnesota. I would suggest you repair as best you can matching as much as possible what you find when you peel it apart. As for getting the compression strut back in place, I've heard rumors (pure rumors) that they flex the cabin top up a bit to fit the post in. Good Luck