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  1. DwyerMastandRigging

    J22 Parts & Accessories

    Motor mount and bracket Straight Tiller - no hardware Main Sheet traveler bar Jib sheet track and blocks Standing and running rigging for angled mast step Spin poles w/ ends contact mikegemperline@yahoo.com
  2. DwyerMastandRigging

    Loose Spreader (Bar going through Mast) Fix

    We may be able to provide one other fix. Luckily I have one of the last sets of the J22 Spreader Repair Kits from APS. The trick to installing these is cutting down the spreader by the thickness of the SpreaderBarBracket, 0.125" or 1/8", such that they will line up with the preexisting holes on the spreader bar. Also, you must re-cut the spreaders at the proper angle of aprox. 20 degrees aft. We're working to make duplicates, but it will take some time. Send me an email at mail@dwyermast.com if you'd like to pursue it.
  3. DwyerMastandRigging

    new sails

    What sailmaker?
  4. DwyerMastandRigging

    Halyard Replacements Advice needed

    We supply 6mm dynema in red green and blue. I prefer a soft shackle on the main halyard, a rigging ball on top of a shackle for the spin, and a halyard shackle for the jib all spliced on. Send me an email at mail@dwyermast.com and we can put a quote together for you. - Mike
  5. DwyerMastandRigging


    I have my set from Hull 16 I'd be happy to sell you. I purchased the boat two years ago and the stations and pulpits were already taken off the boat many years ago, but the owner held onto them. Might even be so lucky to have the life lines, but if not I can build you those. Let me take a look and make sure they are all in good condition. You can call/text @ 440-376-8040
  6. DwyerMastandRigging

    Bulkhead Replacement

    Youtube it, West System has a series of videos of them doing the exact fix on a J22:
  7. DwyerMastandRigging

    Buying Check List

    Take a look at the classifieds under forums. With 15k you should be getting a top of the line J22 with sails and you probably don't need to spend that much out of the box. There are many checklists throughout the forum that are super helpful if you're willing to do some scrolling for a couple hours. I have purchased hull#16 and so far have replaced all of the deck hardware and fixed some cracking in the deck...honestly the hardest part about that is crawling around the boat to clean it before and after. That or finding the correct length/style fasteners. The bulkheads are original 1986 and aren't rotted because it was stored indoors each winter(important to know how the boat has been stored over the years). However, I intend to race the boat across the country and will be replacing them along with replacing old rotten core under the mast step and around the chain plates. The boat is going to be pushed hard going forward racing twice a week in the summer and traveling at other times via trailer. Do not oversee the importance of a clean bottom either...any boat that needs a new bottom needs other help usually. Refinishing the bottom is without a doubt the most labor intensive task you will have to do at some point especially if it is wet sailed from a mooring. If you can write a check for someone else to do that work I highly highly recommend you write that check. Costing out the materials and labor you'd have to spend to DIY proves it's rarely worth it versus writing a check one time. Or look out for a boat that has a nice bottom. If the owner puts the time to keep the bottom nice they likely maintain the rest of the boat pretty well or to similar standard. An old bulkhead or some cracking deck shouldn't scare you from a good deal especially if you're just club racing the boat. You'll know if the wood has gone bad or is about to go bad on the bulkhead just by looking at it and comparing to other photos. Checking the core around the chain plates can't be done unless you remove the chain plate which you won't be able to do until you buy it. There are a few fixes for bad core there, but again not make or break if all you're doing is club racing. New trailers are expensive. A new Triad trailer is around 3500-4000 for a J22...and that's the basic set up. If you end up needing help with your rigging or hardware on this feel free to contact me at mail@dwyermast.com -Mike
  8. DwyerMastandRigging

    Running rigging for J22

    We can provide you with any running or standing rigging you need. Send us an email to mail@dwyermast.com or find us at Dwyermast.com
  9. DwyerMastandRigging

    recoring around the mast step

    I'll be sure to post some photos of the job. Thanks for the advice. One other concern is the legality of the boat once the bulkheads and core around the chain plates and under the mast step have been rebuilt. Plan is to use bulsa core to match original and use 3/4" okume marine ply to replace the bulkheads. Will it be legal provided documentation of the repairs?
  10. DwyerMastandRigging

    recoring around the mast step

    So this is coming up again on Hull#16. She'll need a similar fix along with new coring around the chain plates and new bulkheads...they seem to be original to the boat. Mostly concerned with getting the barney post in and out...maybe with some old house jacks? Has anyone completed this?