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    J22, Triad Trailer, extensive sail inventory for sail

    The boat is in Massachusetts and may be seen dry, or in a few weeks, in the water. You may contact me at artmd59@yahoo.com, or provide me with a number and I will call you.
  2. $10,500 with all sails, equipment, and trailer. 1989 J/22, hull number 908 is for sale. The boat is in very good condition and it is fast, faST, FAST! I have owned it for 7 years and I have won 7 consecutive season championships! This gem has embarrassed many larger and supposedly faster boats in mixed racing. Believe me--it is breaking my heart to sell it, but age and family situations have combined to require the change. The boat is kept on a mooring, so it has bottom paint. (I suppose it could be removed for dry sailing, as it was for years. It is West PCA Gold Ablative.) The sail inventory is extensive--a North suite, and a Quantum suite, including: 2-class-licensed jibs 2-mainsails 2-symmetrical spinnakers with launch bag 155% genoa Asymmetrical Screecher/Code 0 cabin cushions Honda 2hp long shaft port-a-potti (unused) Triad galvanized "sail-package" trailer with spare tire and tongue extension (never in water) all teak trim sanded and varnished 2 sets of shrouds and stays new main and jib halyards many go-fast set-ups for mast and controls best of all--easy and fun to sail
  3. I use the Harken Micro Traveler Cam Bracket that is designed for J/22s and Sonars. If you are not familiar with it, it has both a horizontal and vertical cam cleat on each side mounted on an L-bracket. The leeward traveler sheet does not need to be cleated. The windward traveler is set into the vertical cam for easy adjustment. As I begin to move across the tack, I release the windward sheet and set the leeward traveler into the horizontal cam as the traveler car slides down and approaches what will be the new setting. Once I have tacked and I have moved to the (new) windward side, I reset the traveler into the vertical cam cleat on the new side for convenient adjustment. Actually, this part of the tack becomes second nature. Telling you how to move the traveler takes more time to say it than to do it, but it is quick, controllable, and smooth.
  4. I would be interested in your North Sails mainsail and jib, but I do not need the spinnaker. Would you be interested in a split? If so, how much?

  5. watercolor

    What outboard

    I agree with Robert--I have a Honda 2HP that I use in a coastal area. Usually sailing is not a problem, but I have found that when I need a motor, the Honda works fine. My motor is a long shaft on an adjustable motor mount (Garelick?). I would think that the short shaft may work OK, but the long shaft definitely goes deep enough to prevent cavitation and easily propels the boat.