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3 J-22 spinnakers for sale

Guest exhibitdesign

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Guest exhibitdesign

I have 3 J-22 spinnakers for sale that I am listing for a friend.  1 is older Ullman sail that has several repairs over the years - looks like is about 1989 and ok for a practice sail.  The rainbow colored one is unbranded, and though is ripstop, is softer material and looks like it could be for heavier air , this has one small tear near the head of the sail. The last one is a Quantum sail.  All of these are older, the Quantum seems to be the best shape. There is some discoloration at the corners where they were laminated.  These sails have been in storage for awhile.

The US sail would be $75.00

The unbranded one would be $100

The Quantum is $250

I am located in Kansas City and can easily ship anywhere in the US.  If you want all 3, I will do a deal.  I can be reached via email at exhibitdesign@yahoo.com



spin red 1.jpg

spin red 2.jpg

spin red 8.jpg

spin red 3.jpg

spin red 4.jpg

spin red 13.jpg

spin purple 2.jpg

spin purple 4.jpg

spin purple 5.jpg

spin purple 6.jpg

spin purple 7.jpg

spin quantum 2.jpg

spin quantum 5.jpg

spin quantum 7.jpg

spin quantum 8.jpg

spin quantum 4.jpg

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