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J22 Sparloft masts - Anybody interested?

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I've been trying to get the attention of Sparcraft to order a new mast and I've heard back at times and then they forget about me. I imagine that they have bigger fish to fry. However, Sparloft was super responsive. I have done a number of  imported rig orders before and I'm tempted to spearhead another so that I can get a mast and boom for my J22 #1483 over the Fall/Winter so that I have it for next Spring and the J22 Worlds.

Anybody else need a mast and/or a boom for their J22? 

I'll likely plan to receive the order in LA and figure out logistics from there. I got a great quote for $700 to move a mast from NC to UT so maybe we can find the same in reverse or use the buddy system for any east coast buyers.

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