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J22 Sail Inventory for Sell


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Located in Texas

2018 North Spin good condition 950 - sold
2018 North Main great condition 1100 - sold
2018 North jib great condition 800 - sold
2019 UK radial cut jib great condition 700
2019 UK main great 1000
2020 UK crosscut jib great 700
2020 UK spin great 1000
2021 UK main excellent 1200
2021 UK jib excellent 920
2021 UK spin excellent 1200

Buyer pays shipping, can expect anywhere from $85.00 to $150.00 which includes shipping insurance, and the box at a UPS pack and go shop. The price varies on distance from Dallas, Texas to your location and the box dimensions. If shipping a main that is brand new and you want the largest box possible it can be as much as 350 for shipping. This has been the most from my experience. When you are ready for me to ship I will fold the sails as best as possible, go to the UPS store and ship them to you, I will take a picture of them ringing it up and send it to you then give you the total price including shipping cost. I will then text you a picture of the receipt and tracking information. Payment is required within 1 hour to keep from having UPS return the sails back.

I accept Zelle, Paypal to Paypal transfer, Venmo and Cash App. We can do COD as well. 

Email for pics or questions support @ sailing scores dot com or text 214 864 6024

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