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Found 3 results

  1. The Montego Bay Yacht Club once again opens her doors to the International J22 community. In the 31st Anniversary of the longest-running one-design regatta in the region. The Jamaican fleet is 11 boats strong and last year we even shipped in a couple from Cayman! We will have our own qualifiers a few weeks before Jamin kicks off and the remain boats will be loaned to our visiting teams! For anyone who has been a part of this tradition over the last 30 years, you know this is more than a weekend of racing. Warm Jamaican waters and our prevailing Northeasterly breeze provides unparalleled racing conditions year-round (and especially in December!). Off the course, we have a lively bunch of scoundrels that host our annual themed party (this year is Carnival themed, so get you masks, bright colors, feathers and beads)!! Registration is opened and we would be happy to answer any questions: JAMINJ22 at MOBAYYACHTCLUB.COM To stay informed about all things Jamin, please fill out the form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeotXHgX1lWG7Y1ttCPgS5NaL_n9MnHiILs_0q0sbzz3FoykA/viewform?usp=sf_link The winning poem from 2019 Blu Dog Calypso's Galen Freeman and Laura Johnson Jamin J is wild ‘n’ fun And we are here to drink the rum Banged all up from ups ‘n’ downs But on our faces you’ll see no frowns Cus all the peeps are cool ‘n’ nice And all the drinks are filled with ice Yo ho ho for very few Js Beautiful nights ‘n’ sunny days Great Great Sailin ‘n’ dancing the night away Lord help us We’ll never stop Comin to the Jamin J Cheers and we look forward to seeing you in December! 2020 Jamin NOR Released 6.25.pdf
  2. Had a spinnaker made for my J22 said they used class measurements, however it is larger along the foot than the one I have been using. Does anyone have individual side dimensions rather than overall square footage. Would be helpful. thx
  3. I need a new spreader (Hall Mast) for my 1990 J22 Hull number 1020 I contacted APS but they advise Hall as out of business and recommended Waterline Systems. I have attempted to contact Waterline systems by emailing them as directed on their web site but they have never responded I left a message but still no response Is there any dealer, builder, supplier that would have something like that
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