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Guest Kris Z

recoring around the mast step

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Guest Kris Z

I am cracking into the first of several mast step repairs for my J22 Fleet at SDYC this year and before I go doing something foolish, I wanted to ask if you knew how the boat was put together in the area.  I have recored around mast steps before  to fix squishy deck to the left or the right side but don't know what is directly above the compression post/below the base plate.  The little gem I'm working on has compromised skin around the compression post, evident from down below and some cracking evident from up top.  Has anyone here tackled this repair? I've never removed a compression post and am nervous about fixing from below - in case i don't get everything laminated tight and true i might not be able to get the post back in (at least that is my fear). 


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