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Boat lift for a J/22 for use on an inland lake?

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Does anyone have any recommendations (or warnings) about electric boat lifts for a J/22? I’d like specific recommendations of makes and/or models that could lift and hold the boat completely (or nearly so) out of the water. I’m assuming that it wouldn’t hurt to have the bottom foot or so of the keel immersed and before each sail, I could scrub off lake crud with a long-handled brush.

I’d be installing the lift in the water at one of my club’s docks. I think I have 6 to 8 feet of depth, but it’s a Midwestern lake, which sometimes gets pretty low late in the summer, i.e., not enough water for a J/22. The boat lifts I’ve seen so far either (1) have a rear crossbar that prevents anything but a really shallow draft sailboat from using it, or (2) they’ve got some U-shaped or V-shaped rear crossbar but are prohibitively expensive. I would hope to have four sets of roller bolsters, similar to the ones on my trailer.

I’m 61 years old, and over the past five decades, I’ve always dry-sailed my smaller boats (Sunfishes, Lasers, Snipes, C-Scows). I’ve been trying to do the same with my J/22, that I bought last summer. So far, to get it into and out of my lake, I need to move the trailer to and from my club’s overhead electric hoist. It’s only about 90 feet from my parking spot to the hoist, but it takes three strong people to move the trailer and boat, and I’m not as strong as I used to be.

I’ve discounted using any type of power dolly with the trailer because I have no secure place to store it, close by the trailer. But if someone has a suggestion about a power dolly, I’m all ears.

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There are sling type boat lifts. The power drive is at the front of the dock. It uses strap slings that the rear sling unhooks and drops out of the way with a long rope attached for the keel to clear.

We have that type here in Seabrook, TX at Seabrook Marina and at Lakewood Yacht Club.

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