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  1. In my mostly hearsay experience of the 35 years I have had my J22, I have heard that the bulkhead panel where the chain plate attachment of the mast stays below deck and the keel attachment are the major areas for concern. I have never personally bought a J22 since buying mine new in 1988. Knocking with your knuckles all over the panels should reveal no “soft” areas and the area of the keel attachment inside the cabin should remain firm and have no areas of “softness”. I have been told the panels have balsa cores and, if the chain plate area on the deck has not been properly caulked and water sealed, the balsa will rot and lead to eventual stay failure. Same applies to keel if long term water exposure in keel attachment area inside cabin has occurred. Have been told that can detect by holding keel at base and moving back and forth laterally while other observer is inside cockpit looking at keel attachment for movement and cracks. If have local J22 owners, might want to have them look at boat with you before buying? Good luck. Love this boat. Guess that’s why never had to buy another.
  2. jkohne

    J22 Keel trailering cover

    :Went online and found J22 Keel Cover for $155 from Masthead. https://mastheadsailinggear.com/product/j22-keel-cover-2/
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    Main outhaul system diagram

    Don’t know answer but interested in this information as well.
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    windward sheeting

    I have done this transition on my 1988 J22 this past year. Not sure what the 2001 J Boats had as standard equipment. I had to change the traveler bar and used the Harken SB CB HL Windward Sheeting Car SKU : H2745 from APS(Annapolis Performance Sailing). I needed to use Harken 2721 High Beam Small Boat Traveler Track and still needed a spacer below this to elevate the traveler high enough to avoid the traveler hitting the top to the seats where the traveler bar was attached. Have really enjoyed the benefits of this upgrade as has made tacking and main adjustments much easier. Talking to the people at APS was helpful and they can help you with the special bolts and fittings you need to make all this work.
  5. Did not interrupt the combing to place cam cleats for spinnaker cam cleats as you desire. Placed a teak block large enough for the cam to sit on next to the outboard side of the combing and attached directly to the deck below the teak block with two long stainless bolt through cam and block and fastened with nuts under the deck. Made the block tall enough to be flush with top of combing. Worked very well.