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  1. shavdog

    1989 J22 Hull No. 889

    No price? send me interior pictures along with where the chainplates fasten to the bulkhead
  2. shavdog

    Fixed Ports

    Looking for pictures and or tips on replacing the fixed portlights on my J22.....thanks
  3. shavdog


    I removed the four stanchions and lifelines....after the boat comes out on 9/17 I will remove front and rear pulpits....I don't know if theres a market for these but they will be for sale...the former owner just spent $300 have new lifelines installed....
  4. shavdog


    I recently purchased this 1986 J22 with lifelines....Is there any reason I should leave them on the boat?....If 90% of the J's are used for racing.....Whats the point of leaving them on.....opinions please....
  5. Well, getting information from the best.....theres nothing more to ask for...thanks.
  6. I am interested in what the top changes might be for better performance....and change the captain doesn't count...thanks....in order
  7. shavdog

    Chainplate Cover Question

    Thanks for the link...Great resource
  8. shavdog

    Chainplate Cover Question

    Thanks for the tip....for some clarification....I get the idea about the bent nail....not so sure about the duct tape comment..are you assuming the plate itself is out and to cover that hole?....everythings loose on this boat...even the bolts on the rudder...I had to tighten all six of them....two were not even hand tight....while in mpls yesterday I did pickup some 3m4200.....Boy, do I miss West Marine...
  9. After reading the boards here I decided with this being a new j22 to me(number 335) I wanted to check one of the chain plates from atop...I took the two screws out of the cover....the one closer to the cabin was stripped...the cover was difficult to remove...The caulking was on the hard side and I had to use three screwdrivers to pry it off...I didn't see anything unusual...I live in a rural area and the only caulking I could come up with is marine grade silicone so I used that...pressed down the cover...some came out of the cover below and along the chain plate...figured that was good...still don't have a solution for the stripped out screw...without going into major surgery and remove the bad core if it's there has anyone drilled a quarter inch deeper into the glass and put in a longer screw to better secure that inside screw?...is the glass thick enough in that area or will I go thru to the inside of the boat...that's my question...I don't have any evidence of leaking around the plates inside of the boat..thanks for your help...craig
  10. The seahood with all the hardware......I see screws around the perimeter....If I remove those should the hood come off without a major battle?...I assume all of the hardware is thur bolted?...thanks...craig
  11. shavdog

    New Owner J22

    Thanks for the explanation Eric....there will be trial and error.....but I am looking forward to a change...
  12. shavdog

    New Owner J22

    Thanks for the response....with a tiller extension and being 6'3 , I hope to handle the tacks ok.....I plan on using a 100 headsail so it shouldn't be that hard to bring in...on my cape dory I have a 150 but then my winches are way back....I'm not sure what the 2:1 is however....
  13. I was looking for alittle project so I just now purchased a 1984 J22...I currently own a Cape Dory 22 which has a full keel and weighs 3200 pounds....I've been sailing for over 20 yrs and wanted to experience something with alittle more speed....I single handed most of the time so I am curious about the sailing characterisics of the J22...when you should be thinking of a reef,pointing ability etc...some people say I can't sail a J22 alone while I read that it's a great training sailboat used by schools to teach sailing...I cant imagine someone new to sailing introduced to a sailboat that's unmanageable...anyway my J shows up tomorrow so any advice is welcome...This forum is very helpful and I have read many articles elsewhere..thanks for any help..craig