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  1. Thistle3920

    1991 J22 Hull#1063 for sale

    Howdy Flash. Shoot me a message at Thistle3920@gmail.com if you have a moment. I have a neighbor who is interested in your boat. (I already have one). Thanks!
  2. Thistle3920

    ISO trailer and outboard - Kentucky/Tenn/NC area

    Did you get a trailer and outboard?
  3. Thistle3920

    J-22 Class Flags?

    By the way, Paul Abdullah from North Sails set us up. Call them if you need some. They were like $25-30.
  4. I do. The trailer is in Kansas City. Where are you? My email is Thistle3920@gmail.com
  5. As luck would have it. I'm looking at one in my garage now. email me at Thistle3920@gmail.com and let's talk.
  6. Do you have any pictures of your cabin top?  



  7. Thistle3920

    J-22 Class Flags?

    I have a couple of local clubs looking for J-22 class flags and I don't have a dead main to offer up yet. Know where I could get a few class flags for the RC boat?
  8. Mark, I'm interested. Can you email me at Thistle3920@gmail.com? Thanks!
  9. I have a mast where the spreader assembly through the mast is loose. Cause, Kit, advice on how to fix this are welcome.
  10. In the Midwest. Thanks!
  11. Thistle3920

    1989 J22 Hull No. 889

  12. Thistle3920

    J22 Keel trailering cover

    Tye Dye and jkohne: Thanks for your responses I appreciate it. Masthead used to make the covers for APS until they went all in on fashion. They now sell them directly. Kinder Industries also makes them to order. Link to Kinder Industries J22 Canvas Web Page it takes about 2 weeks from the time you order until delivery from either place.
  13. A couple of us are looking for keel covers for trailering. North has one for the J24 but I haven't found one for the 22. Suggestions?