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  1. CPrincing

    Boat Covers

    David, go with the Topgun. The duck cloth material is not even close to the topgun.
  2. reach out to Galen Freeman, he was the guy who dreamt those trailers up and had most of the built.
  3. CPrincing


    watch the West System videos, the did this on a J/22 http://www.westsystem.com/ss/bulkhead-installation-sail-epoxy-basics-8/
  4. CPrincing

    Regattas 2.0

    Cleveland Race Week Worlds in Kingston
  5. CPrincing

    Boom Vang Options

    go with the std setup so your forward person can hike using the tail.
  6. CPrincing

    Aluminum Channel For Hatch Cover

    Mike the aluminum ones can get bent and become dangerous in rough seas. I know it happened to me, somehow we snapped it with the spinnaker on hoist and it bent up, snapped off and left a sharp jagged edge sticking up from the hatch area about 5 inches in length. It was rough and we ended up trying to bend it back to no avail and taped the shit out of it. Next weekend i replaced it with the plastic ones which will just snap off in that case. Chris
  7. CPrincing

    Chainplate Cover Question

    Duct Tape to keep it from leaking into the boat. Here is a great resource: http://www.westsystem.com/ss/assets/HowTo-Publications/Fiberglass-Boat-Repair-and-Maintenance.pdf page 51-53 Chris
  8. CPrincing

    Chainplate Cover Question

    craig, congrats on the new boat. You can just use a bent nail in a cordless drill to stick in the hole and clean out any bad core. Then put a piece of duck tape on the bottom of the hole and fill it with West System epoxy. When cured, pre drill and re install the screw.. I would clean the core out all the way around the chain plates and fill with epoxy, then if they ever leak again, it will not get into the core of the deck. While your at it and getting good at this technique, might as well take all thru deck fittings off, clean them out and re install with a good sealant like 3M 4200 or fast cure 3M 4000. Cp
  9. CPrincing

    How to replace outhaul line ?

    Unfortunatley you have to take the boom ends off and fish it through. My suggestion is you PB Blaster the fastners each day for a cople days, let it sit and then remove them. If they have not been out in 25 years they might be corroded in place. only 25 years? Is this not a warranty issue!!!
  10. CPrincing

    In case anyone cares

    Vic and Chris, OK City was our third NA or worlds and we think it set the stand for others to achieve on all fronts, but I agree with Vic, the hanging out... I remember that picture and how we were all hiding from the sun. I think it ended with a bunch of us drinking in the bed of pickup before Jennifer made me go to bed. Back then we had Luke and Cameron to make us all feel normal, but the kid pool in OK city was and always will be a J/22 classic.
  11. CPrincing

    Volvo Ocean Race Game

    My brother Leroy is Scarscrapes1
  12. CPrincing

    Volvo Ocean Race Game

    Will, You better watch out! My guys are drinking the whole way to africa so the are wasted and getting lighter as they go. PorkStar
  13. CPrincing

    Class Legal Cordage

    I believe you can strip it, but the narrowest part (the stripped part) has to meet the minimum diameter as listed in the rules. Send a email to class office: j22@roadrunner.com and C Howell will send it to the chief measurer for a ruling. go here: http://www.usaj22.com/index.php/the-boat/line-lengths It lists minimum diameters, suggested line lengths and a suggestion on a line manufacturer (which may be dated) Chris Princing
  14. Hey all, Happy Holidays. It is cold up here in Michigan, snowy, icy... I thought I would see if we can get a discussion going to help some of us get better at sailing J/22's and think warm thoughts. So I invite you all to submit your question here or to me at chris@awardandsports.com I will take your question and contact a sailing professional for an answer and then post it here for all to read. I will only contact people who sail J/22's for there input to try and keep it J/22 specific. So send me your questions about crewwork, steering, sets, tacking.... Or send me questions about fairing keels, repairing holes, fixing scratches.... Or send me questions about sail trim, tactical situations, starting... I will get you the answers and post them here. Christopher Princing USA J/22 Class President