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  1. TyeDyedGary

    Loose Footed Main Sail

    International J/22 Class Rules, effective March 1, 2021.Rule G.3.3(d). The foot of the mainsail may be loose or have a boltrope. Thanks Christopher Howell for getting out the updated rules.
  2. TyeDyedGary

    Hull #

    There is only the one location. If any repair work was done in that area, the numbers may be lost forever. Just for the heck of it I checked my title. the numbers are on my state issued title. you may check to see if they are on your title. That being said, IF one of the previous owner didn't properly register the boat, they may be lost. A friend is having trouble titling a Melges, because two owners back didn't title the boat in another state(CA).
  3. Yes, not a problem, several are on slings in Seabrook, Texas, year round. Only transferred to a trailer when a hurricane threaten, and have to be moved to higher ground.
  4. TyeDyedGary

    keel bolt question

    Liquid Wrench, LPS-1 or WD-40 will all help lubricate to get the nut off. Apply several times a day for 2 or 3 days to allow it to work its way in. Before you start putting either on the bolt, put some oil absorbent around the base as best you can. Both L.W. and WD-40 have a low pH and can cause problems later on if not contained and fully cleaned off after the nut is loose. When you install the 2 bolt lifting system, put a drop or two of white lithium grease on the bolt before you install the nut, this will prevent gulling and/or freezing later if you need to remove it. Also try to match the nut to the bolt with the same type material, ( 304ss to 304ss or low carbon steel to LC steel, or galvanize to galvanize).
  5. TyeDyedGary

    WTB: Replacement Rear Scupper fitting?

    Most boating supply stores have replacement scuppers in stock. Just make sure you replace it with the plastic one and not a metal one, also bed it properly, so it doesn't leak.
  6. Cause, too much compression load. Repair, find a rigger that knows how to weld aluminum to re-sleeve the mast where the spreader assembly goes.
  7. I, may have missed the article or notice, but would like to know where the decision on loose footed main sail stands. I know a little over a year ago, I took part in a survey and one of the questions concerned loose footed mains. I know a majority of respondents were in favor of the loose foot. SO, is it still in committee, dead idea or lost in space? Thanks,
  8. TyeDyedGary

    What’s the best boom tent?

    I have a Sailor Tailor, but it snaps in front of the mast. You may check with your local sail maker or canvas shop to have a custom made one the way you want.
  9. TyeDyedGary

    Buying Check List

    Add to the above list, any place a bolt or screw goes into or through any part of the boat, ei. ruder gudgeons, back stay tangs, head stay bow plate, jib car track, etc. Any place a screw or bolt goes in must be properly sealed.
  10. TyeDyedGary

    J22 Keel trailering cover

    Try Annapolis Performance Sailing. I have some from there purchased several years ago.
  11. TyeDyedGary

    Running rigging for J22

    You have one of two options. Find a reputable rigging shop and have them replace any running rigging that needs it. OR On this web site go to The Boat -- Line Lengths and print that off. Then go to your Marine Supply store and purchase the lines you need, do the splices and replace them yourself. Note. get a 80 foot 4mm line to use as a chase line in the mast, put a few stitches in the end of the line before pulling them through the mast. Also, get Dyneema core or similar core lines.
  12. Your Backstay Tangs were not bedded properly and allowed water incursion. Check locally with other boaters as to who does the best fiberglass repair work and have them make the repairs. They will be able to tell you if the whole transom needs replacement or just area around the tangs. When they are finished you will need to have your boat reweighed, and measured.
  13. TyeDyedGary

    need new spreader for Hall Mast

    Check with your local rigging shops, one might have an old used one stuck off in a corner somewhere. OR, find a good machine shop that can make one ( it wont be cheap).
  14. I have hull #578, it has two thru hulls that have are plastic screw flange, that need to be replaced about every ten years due to sunlight (ultraviolet) degradation. It appears you have the molded connections, and don't have to replace the thru hulls. But look at them close to see there is no damage from someone putting on a hose clamp wrong or to tight.
  15. It's a simple job you can do yourself, it's just working in tight quarters. While you are at it also replace the thru hulls, with new ones, it will save you doing that later, as the plastic will deteriorate over time in the sun light. I personally like Boat life / Life Calk non-shrinking.