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    Keel bolt kit - hoisting questions

    If you're looking for the plate that attaches to the two aft keel bolts, you'll need to differentiate between the old setup (hull 1263 and older) and the new - available through Waterline, this link - https://www.waterlinesystems.com/new-products/j22-lifting-bar-older-style - will show you both - you just bolt the plate on top of the existing bolts. Here's the link to APS for the lifting strap - https://www.apsltd.com/lifting-strap-2-diameter-x-5.html or you can have one made up (it's more expensive and don't ask me how I know)
  2. coslatrat

    sea deck

    Don't know if you'd really want to do that. It could impede cockpit drainage, catch sheets and generally make your life miserable. I've seen photos of Seadeck after it weathers that don't really look very good and it's a beast to remove.
  3. Annapolis Performance has 'em www.apsltd.com They aren't getting any cheaper. I bought a spare 10 years ago for a bit under $25, they're $69 now
  4. coslatrat

    Keel Blisters

    Rebuilt the transom 5 years ago because of water intrusion, torqued the Keel bolts and repainted the bottom with VC White. Now, every spring when I get the boat out of storage (indoor, unheated), there's blisters on the keel... this year, I have one on the port side that's the size of my palm. Where's the closest repair shop to Colorado that I could take the boat to next winter that can strip and refinish the keel to stop the annual repairs. Obviously, they'll need to have a set of templates. Thanks in advance for your input.
  5. coslatrat

    Keel Blisters

    Yup, got an underlying problem alright, last yard to work on it probably didn't clean up the keel sufficiently before shooting the VC White... blisters are all over, even above the keel joint. In a slip for the summer, indoor unheated storage in the winter. Shameless plug is ok, but the boat stays in the water till October, then I'll think about bringing it down. DB