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  1. kriszill

    Free to a good home

    San Diego, CA 92106. email me at kris@sdyc.org for photos
  2. kriszill

    Free to a good home

    I hate the idea of chopping up a boat and recycling the lead but I'm at that point with hull #23. The mast and boom are not included but it will come with everything else. The trailer is probably not road worthy. This is actually not a joke.
  3. Thanks for your feedback Lars and I had to do a quick recore to get me through the Rose Cup and POW quals. Fixed all of the broken skin inside and praying nothing collapses or recracks before June ends. This is hull #25 we are talking about here so I'm guessing I haven't seen the end of this issue yet and now that you've said what you said about the compression post, I am going to keep hacking my way through this way; piece by piece from up top. If y'all want to come out and sail in January, we could put something together but of course, nothing will be class legal down here lol.
  4. kriszill

    New J22 Owner

    contact me and i will go through my box of parts that came with my boats that I don't use. kris@sdyc.org