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    Mainsheet Block replacement

    Harken Carbo Fiddle Block # 2676
  2. mikegemperline

    Qunatum Race Main and Jib

    Reduced price 1500 OBO
  3. mikegemperline

    Qunatum Race Main and Jib

    Quantum sails class main and jib from '01 worlds - $2000 - Purchased with hull 16 two years ago - Originally purchased as back up set for '01 worlds, not sure if they we're used there or not - We used them once for two days, one light air and one medium air. More or less just broken in - Has royalty and measurement stamps - Has small hole in mainsail bag
  4. mikegemperline

    Windward sheeting traveler

    I have a Harken 1636 windward sheeting car - midrange high load message me at mike@bristolyachtrigging.com if interested
  5. mikegemperline

    extracting Mast step sheaves pins

    I just did this to replace mast step sheaves. I had two separate pins for port and starboard sheaves...which I think they all will since the sheaves are angled outboard. We had to tap #8 fasteners into the end of the exposed pin. Use lots of lubricants and some heat(didn't care about melting sheaves since they got replaced) and a gentle pull on the #8 fastener in the pin with vice grips to get the pin to slide out. Don't lose the pin and don't lose the cover plates that keep the pin captive. The hole pattern on the mast step will be hard to copy onto a new plate.