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  1. Actually, I've figured everything out except how to rig up a Cunningham. So far so good. Scott
  2. Thanks, KT, sounds like that would be a good resource to have. I'll search around a bit for that. Thanks for the welcome as well. I'm super excited about the boat! Scott
  3. Hi all - I recently purchased a J/22, and I'm wondering if there is an existing guide or how-to for setting up the sails and running rigging on the boat. We have the sails and all the lines, I'd just like to have something to look at to orient myself before I jump in - like an instruction manual, almost. Thanks, Scott
  4. I recently bought a J/22 for this purpose - fun daysailer. So I was heartened to see this (old) thread. It already has the Schaefer roller furling installed. The tiller clutch looks like a nice solution - I put it on my list of things to consider once I get the boat. Also contemplating an electric motor vs. gas, but haven't reached any grand conclusions. I do feel like I'm buying a race boat just to do a little casual sailing with, but man, everywhere I looked people rave about what a good-sailing and performing boat the J/22 is. Where I am has pretty light winds most of the time, so that was a consideration, too - need something light weight with decent sail area. Really looking forward to sailing it! Scott