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  1. While cleaning inside the boat noticed what looked like cracks in the transom . I crawled back to find about 4" cracks in the upper corner about where the the backstay plate would be. Checked the other side to also find a crack by other backstay plate Can you cut out sections and replace them or would you have to replace the whole transom? I broke off a 2" piece of fiberglass and pressed a screwdriver in and it was soft. It's a 1990 J22. The outside of the transom looks good and seems hard and I never would have expected what I found inside.
  2. need to replace my cockpit drain hose I started this topic before but could not seem to get the recommendations on the type of hose I need Anyone who knows the specs or vender or shop I could get that hose from, I woulds really appreciate your help thanks
  3. I need a new spreader (Hall Mast) for my 1990 J22 Hull number 1020 I contacted APS but they advise Hall as out of business and recommended Waterline Systems. I have attempted to contact Waterline systems by emailing them as directed on their web site but they have never responded I left a message but still no response Is there any dealer, builder, supplier that would have something like that
  4. I see what you mean by thru hulls but on my J22 (hull #1020 built in 1990) there is a fiberglass flange molded into the the back of the cockpit and the transom that the drain hoses are clamped to. Would those thru hulls slide right into the flange?
  5. thanks is there a specific type of drain hose? as I noted I got some hose at a marina to get something in there till I found the correct hose type you recommended replacing the thru hulls while I did - what are you referring to when you say thru hulls? Thanks again for your help