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  1. Where can I find a diagram of the outhaul system? Took mine appart an am not sure where to anchor the front block.
  2. How do you extract the pins of the mast step sheaves? The only solution I can think of is using a drill Special tool or trick?
  3. After a few years of sailing my J22 I realized I am not sure of the correct way ti attach the tack of the main sail. Mine is the only one in Puerto Rico therefore I cant look at one. Is it similar to the one used in J24"s? I would appreciate if someone post a picture of the system.
  4. Bolido

    Mast rake

    I set up my boat (hull 1018) with the mast angled step and followed North's tuning guide (NB1 main and Big Foot jib) of 4' 10 7/8" on the headstay, as per their instructions. I normally sail in 12-18 Knot wind and moderate waves. Everybody teases me about excessive mast rake and suggest the boat will sail better with less rake. Since mine is the only J22 in Puerto Rico I don't have anything to compare with. Is that setup exclusive for light wind conditions or is the norm? Any suggestion on a different setup?
  5. Don't you know about the windward sheeting car? It makes the tack a lot easier. You only worry about the correct tack and pull the car from the (new) windward side while the boat is accelerating.
  6. Bolido

    Bow pulpit

    Does anybody know Frankly Scarlet? I have been trying to get in contact with him without any luck. Please tell him I am still interested in the bow pulpit
  7. Bolido

    Bow pulpit

    PLEASE contact me to discuss terms. I need the pulpit before the next racing circuit. bcastro@coqui.net bcastro@prw.net 787 370-1383
  8. Bolido

    Bow pulpit

    Do you still want to sell the pulpit?
  9. Bolido

    Bow pulpit

    I only need the pulpit, but will consider both if the price is fair. Email me to discuss price and shipping options. bcastro@coqui.net
  10. Bolido

    Bow pulpit

    I got in contaact with Waterline Systems and they only said that they did not have the part for either the 22 or the 24. No answer to my original question.
  11. Bolido

    Bow pulpit

    Can you replace the bow pulpit of a 22 with one of a 24? Are they identical?
  12. What's on your mind?

  13. Bolido

    iPhone app for boat speed?

    I would rather buy a GPS. Prices have gone down and you get a lot of other useful functions and data windows.
  14. Bolido

    Improvement ideas

    When sailing downwind with a genoa does it pay to broad reach like racers with a spinnaker rather than sail dead downwind with a pole? Does wind speed play a role on deciding how to go downwind?
  15. Bolido

    J22 as an overnighter

    My wife and me regularly spend 2 to 3 nights in our J22. I made 2 removable seats between the forward bunk and the cabin access with small drawers underneath. I have v berth cushions and both of us can sleep comfortably (true, it is a little tight but worth it). We have a removable awning for protection against the Caribbean sun. We dont cook on board but bring along stuff for sandwiches, snacks like trail mix or nuts and already cooked food like tuna macarroni salad (we also bring along a cooler). We have boating friends that bring ice when visiting. For illumination we use LED lamps and flashlights. We also rig a wind scoop to keep the cabin cool. To relief ourselves we use the proven classical bucket. Simple but effective. We also carry gallon water bottles and a sun shower...jump in the water for a swim and rinse off. True, it is a race boat but you can spend a few marvelous nights if you dont mind the limitations. Try it! And dont forget to bring a bottle of your favorite wine.