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  1. Do you have any pictures of your cabin top?  



  2. FranklyScarlet

    New J22 Owner

    Hello SCooke - As I recall the back stays (and shrouds) are of different lengths depending on the year the boat was built. That's why APS and other suppliers ask that you measure the old shrouds when ordering them. My boat is from 1983, and has a solid backstay, the new backstays have separate legs and a backstay that are connected with a 6 foot piece of spectra. See APS https://www.apsltd.com/one-design-sailboat-parts/j-22/j-22-standing-rigging.html Good luck with your new boat! KT
  3. FranklyScarlet

    J22 sailing in Houston

    Hello Flawed - There is an active J/22 fleet at Houston Yacht Club and a regular Wednesday night series on Clear Lake. The J/22 Southwest Circuit has cooled off a bit from it's peak a few years ago but there are still several stops around Texas throughout the year. Welcome to Texas. KT
  4. FranklyScarlet

    Bow pulpit

    Bolido - I have my J/22 bow pulpit (and stanchions) in my storage unit. Let me know if you're still interested. KT
  5. FranklyScarlet

    Yikes, My jib track pulled out !!

    I've had fittings pull out of the cabin top and repaired in the same manner you described with both fiberglass and West Epoxy. It worked fine with some big washers. For the Jib Tracks, you may want tape the holes in the deck and repair from inside the cabin. That way you won't have to sand the area where there may be non-skid. You'll need to add quite a bit of filler to the epoxy to thicken it to apply to the cabin top from inside. Or the new West 610 Epoxy is supposed to be pre-mixed and thickened. One word of caution, the epoxy sets up fast, so mix small batches. KT
  6. FranklyScarlet

    Teak care

    I used Cetol on my teak, and it really looks great. I used the transparent (less orangey color) and applied 3 coats as directed. The advantage to Cetol is that it only takes a single coat once a year to avoid having to re-sand, clean, etc. I'll try for pics this weekend if you'd like. KT
  7. Frankly Scarlet (USA 45) is looking for foredeck and middle for J/22 NAs at Rush Creek. If interested, contact Ken Taylor taylor at regattanetwork.com
  8. FranklyScarlet

    Flat Mast Step

    Anyone have a flat mast step they want to get rid of? NOT going to use it on the mast, so don’t worry…
  9. Please find below the links for the 2009 J22 Worlds Lake Garda, Italy: 13 - 20 Juni 2009 Organizing body: http://www.fragliavelariva.it/ Online Registration: http://www.fragliavelariva.it/public_new/F...sp?RegataID=198 Entry list: http://www.fragliavelariva.it/public_new/e...&return=cal Notice of the Race: http://www.fragliavelariva.it/clientfiles/...ad/bando198.pdf Regards Thomas German J/22 CA