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  1. I keep my J22 on a hydrohoist. I coat the small small section at the bottom of of the rudder and keel that remain in the water with VC-17 once a year.
  2. larrys

    Cabin sole

    Is teak a legal substitute?
  3. larrys

    phrf question

    Lake Lanier PHRF 180 With genoa: 174 PHRF committee on Lanier is run by a total jackass .
  4. larrys

    iPhone app for boat speed?

    Here's an interesting free app that works like the Velocitek. As far as I can tell it does about everything the Velocitek does except record tracks. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/elvstr-m-starter/id465456710?mt=8 I imagine it's not class legal but we do mostly PHRF around here. You should consider a waterproof case like the Lifecase. I've already killed one Iphone inadvertently. It's very easy to get water in the mic input slot. Apple built in a little indicator in the bottom slot that turns color when it gets wet. If you're just after a GPS speed reading WAZE is free and very useful for traffic on the way. http://www.waze.com/
  5. We wind up racing PHRF on Lake Lanier most of the time. Our local PHRF rating in OD configuration is 180 which is a little tough in light summer conditions against boats with large genoas. A fellow J22 sailor thinks our local rating may be a little lower than many areas. How does 180 compare with your local rating?
  6. Thanks for the response folks. I was actually able to salvage the old rail. I'll check out the Jamestown ones. Stainless in likely better but I just like the look of weathered teak..
  7. Does anyone know of a source for replacement teak handrails?
  8. We were sailing the boat in 10-15 winds last night when the entire port jib track pulled out of the coach roof. There is no apparent rotten core damage. Instead, the metal sleeves inside the cabin the track is bolted to seem to have corroded over the years and enough of them lost their grip to cause the track to exit the boat. I'm planning to fill the holes with West system epoxy, drill them back out and through bolt the track with good sized fender washers on the inside. Does anyone have a better idea? Thanks, Larry Smith (larrycsmith@gmail.com)